Venobis Power Energetics Sport

After sport activities and to relieve tiredness, Venobis energetics cream Sport is refreshing and regenerating, because it causes the musculature to loosen and encourages the blood circulation.

The best way to apply Venobis Sport is by massaging it into legs and feet. This not only regenerates the elasticity of the muscles, but the nurturing plant substances contained in the cream have a positive effect on calluses and painful cracked heals.

Besides comfrey oil, the cream contains nurturing avocado oil, as well as balm and yellow melilot or sweet clover.


Cold extracts prepared from the root and herb are used in traditional medicine for the treatment of festering wounds, sprains, bone fractures and inflammations. The wound healing and astringent qualities are partly due to the allantoin contained in comfrey. It activates the cell division and supports external wound healing. Allantoin causes liquefaction of the ichor which in turn leads to better granulation of the wound or neoplasm.

Yellow melilot

The fresh or dried leaves and the flowering shoots are used as a herbal remedy against oedemas and as a tonic for veins.

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