Venobis Power Energetics Sensitive Intense

Venobis Energetics cream Sensitive Intense represents an excellent compliment to Venobis energetics cream BASIC.

Essences of marigold as well as calendula oil, horsetail oil, ivy and verbena are processed in a way so that with regular appliance an excellent regenerating and soothing effect can be noted.


Is anti-inflammatory and encourages the formation of granulation tissue and with it the healing of wounds. For external use for the treatment of dermatitis, badly healing wounds, bruises, boils and rashes as well as burns with quick pain relief, and speeds up the healing process leaving almost no scars. In the absence of sesquiterpene lactones irritative or allergic reactions are rare in comparison to other types of composite plants.


The sterile summer bristle of the horsetail is used as a remedy for rheumatism, inflammations, kidney problems, urinary gravel. After undergoing a Kneipp treatment, horsetail has a very astringent effect; it cleans the blood, stomach, kidneys and bladder, but also has an extremely cleansing and healing effect on rashes and wounds.

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