Venobis Power Energetics Mineral

Venobis energetics cream Mineral works on account of the special zeolite contents in combination with marigold, aloe vera, and verbena officinalis.

Zeolites are natural aluminosilicates. Because of the micro pores and hydrophilic qualities of natural zeolite a wound healing and haemostatic effect has been noted.


For injured and damaged skin, sun burn, acne scars - it has a strong antidoxidant character.


The real verbena is often used as a basis for cosmetic products. Verbena has a long history in phytomedicine going back to ancient times. In particular, it is said to have a diuretic effect as well as anti-rheumatic, and to stimulate the bile flow from the gall bladder. It has been proven that it contains irinoid glycosides, verbenalin, hastatoside and, beside a range of other compounds, verbascoside..

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