Venobis Power Energetics Body Fit

Feel the effect of ivy essence, horsetail, lemongrass, grapefruit and lemon oil after regular treatment with Venobis energetics cream Body Fit!

Unpleasant skin changes like cellulite, facial erythrosis as well as a badly circulated tissue can be treated with this special product effectively. In addition, the slightly astringent effect leads to a visible improvement of the skin tissue. In addition, this is enhanced by regular exercise, plenty of herbal teas or water and a sensible diet.

Additional tip:

Energetics Cream Beauty is even more effective when massaged in the direction of the lymphatic system.


Practitioners of naturopathy have known of the healing effect of this plant for a long time. Since its effective mechanism has been discovered through current research, the leaves of the ivy are used regularly in remedies for bronchitis, due to its anticonvulsant qualities. Amongst other things these remedies are popular in paediatric medicine.

In the use with cosmetics, ivy is very effective because of its astringent, cleansing, firming and restorative qualities.

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